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Dermatology is the study of medicine that focuses on diseases and issues pertaining to the skin, nails and hair. Epiphany Dermatology practitioners deliver specialty care to patients suffering from diseases or conditions affecting the skin. In addition to full outpatient care, dermatologists often conduct inpatient consults for skin irritations or infections, as well as perform innovative surgical and therapeutic treatments on patients with skin cancer or a variety of skin diseases.

Kathileen Boozer, FNP-C, with Epiphany Dermatology, PA has been seeing patients at Coryell Medical Clinic since December of 2014. Mrs. Boozer specializes in the evaluation and treatment of adults and children for the following conditions:

Fungal infections
Hair loss
Skin infections
Actinic keratosis
Basal cell carcinoma
Mohs surgery (on-site skin cancer removal)
Pre-cancerous lesions
Skin cancer screening
Squamous cell carcinoma
Sun spots
Suspicious moles

Coryell Medical Clinic
1507 West Main St., Bldg. 1
Gatesville, TX 76528

To find out more or make an appointment call 254-537-1265 or visit http://www.epiphanydermatology.com