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Coryell Specialty Clinic

1507 West Main Street
Gatesville, TX 76528
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clinic-1Coryell Memorial Healthcare System is pleased to offer residents of Gatesville and surrounding communities quality medical specialty care. People with conditions of the feet, ankles or lungs can get attention from specialists close to home. Also, allergy and asthma services for all ages, cardiology care, urology, and ear nose and throat specialty care is available through the Specialty Clinic.

The Coryell Specialty Clinic is located inside the Coryell Medical Clinic, 1507 West Main Street. It houses independent specialists who provide a variety of critical services, including podiatry, cardiology, allergy and asthma, pulmonology, general surgery, orthopedics and neurosurgery.

These specialists have been providing quality care to patients in their home practices, and will now be available in Gatesville to serve Coryell County.

Please call 254-865-2166 or come by for more information about the Coryell Specialty Clinic.


Bawduniak, John MD View Profile
Specialties: General Surgery

Cessnun, Colby MD View Profile
Specialties: Family Medicine

Cross, Donald MD View Profile
Specialties: Cardiology

Day, Andrew MD View Profile
Specialties: Cardiology

Falcone, Wayne MD View Profile
Specialties: Cardiology

Hoover, Brenda RN, FNP View Profile
Specialties: Family Medicine

Jacobs, Kim PA-C View Profile
Specialties: Family Medicine

Maynard, Tim MD View Profile
Specialties: Family Medicine

Morales, Freddie MD View Profile
Specialties: Pulmonology

Smith, Dustin DPM View Profile
Specialties: Podiatry

Zielinski, Steven MD, CM, FRCSC View Profile
Specialties: Neurosurgery

Please call 254-865-2166 or come by for more information about the Coryell Specialty Clinic.

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