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Care Coordination - Mary Floyd

Mary Floyd joined the care coordination program in April of 2015. Her main concerns at the time were frequent falls, diabetes and COPD.


Diagnostic Imaging - Diana Hydrick

Diana Hydrick started getting routine mammograms at Coryell Memorial when she was 40 years old and two years later Dr. Dwyer noticed a spot on her test results and began to follow her more closely.  “When I came in for my 6 month follow up, Dr. Dwyer showed me a tiny dot on the screen. It was so small and impossible to feel. That tiny dot changed my life”, recalls Diana. “We did a biopsy with Dr. Norris and that is when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a difficult time but I was grateful we found it so early. I felt like Dr. Dwyer was really paying attention and his diligence is why I am still here”, said Diana.


Home Health - Betsy Clark

Betsy Clark, resident of Evant, TX, was struggling with a multiple sclerosis relapse and didn’t know where to turn.  A close friend, Linda, called David Myers, social worker at CMHS, to see what help could be provided.  Immediately, he put them in touch with Coryell Memorial Home Health and physical therapist, Katie Doyle.


Medical Surgical - Matthew Canty

Matthew Canty had been suffering from back pain for years and by the age of 27 he had already under gone a low back spinal fusion. “I was still having severe back pain and needed a second surgery. I was referred to Dr. Zeilinski and we scheduled my surgery at Coryell Memorial Hospital,” recalls Matthew.  Matthew’s mom, Aselee, flew in from South Carolina to be with her son for this major surgical procedure, “I was really nervous about Matthew having this surgery, but from the minute I arrived at Coryell Memorial the staff went out of their way to relieve my fears."


Orthopedics - Cecilia Petrie

“My 14 year old grandson is going to have surgery!” That is what Cecilia Petrie thought this past Labor Day Weekend when her grandson’s friend came to tell her Zane had fallen from his dirt bike and was injured. “After Zane wrecked his bike we knew something was really wrong with his arm. He was in a lot of pain and the swelling wasn’t getting any better,” said Cecilia.  They took Zane for x-rays at Coryell Memorial Healthcare System where it was confirmed his wrist was broken.


Sports Medicine - Glenn Cathey

Glenn Cathey began seeing Dr. Ryan Fowler over three years ago when he was practicing in Temple and followed him when he began practicing at Coryell Medical Clinic in Gatesville. “I live in Temple, but its worth my time to make the drive over. I would drive to Dallas to if that what I needed to do to stay in Dr. Fowler’s care.


The Meadows Rehab - Treva Post and John Frank

A Love Story 80+ Years in the Making

For their 74th Wedding Anniversary, The Meadows Rehab and Long-Term Healthcare surprised resident Treva Post and her husband John Frank with a reception.